Changes in MetalK8s

Release 0.1.0

This marks the first release of MetalK8s.


Compatibility with future releases of MetalK8s is not guaranteed until version 1.0.0 is available. When deploying a cluster using pre-1.0 versions of this package, you may need to redeploy later.

Incompatible changes

PR #106 - the Ansible playbook which used to be called metal-k8s.yml has been moved to playbooks/deploy.yml

Features added

PR #100 - disable Elasticsearch deployment by setting metalk8s_elasticsearch_enabled to false (#98)

PR #104 - kube-proxy now uses ipvs instead of iptables to route Service addresses, in preparation for Kubernetes 1.11. The ipvsadm tool is installed on all k8s-cluster hosts.

PR #104 - use CoreDNS instead of kubedns for in-cluster DNS services, in preparation for Kubernetes 1.11.

PR #113 - deploy the Prometheus node_exporter on k8s-cluster and etcd hosts instead of using a DaemonSet

Known issues

#62 - Elasticsearch Curator may not properly prune old logstash-* indices