Upgrade a Platform with the latest dev build


  • A Platform already installed with all pod up & running

  • A new metalk8s.iso image with a higher version


If upgrading from a lower patch, minor or major version just follow the standard upgrade procedure

If upgrading from the same patch, minor and major version:

  1. Upload the new metalk8s.iso on the bootstrap node

  2. Locate how metalk8s.iso is mounted

grep metalk8s-124.1.5 /etc/fstab
/root/metalk8s.iso          /srv/scality/metalk8s-124.1.5 iso9660 nofail,ro       0 0
  1. Unmount the current metalk8s.iso

umount /srv/scality/metalk8s-124.1.5
  1. Copy the new metalk8s.iso in place of the old one

cp metalk8s.iso /root/metalk8s.iso
  1. Mount the new metalk8s.iso

mount /root/metalk8s.iso /srv/scality/metalk8s-124.1.5
  1. Stop salt-master container on bootstrap node

crictl stop $(crictl ps -q --label io.kubernetes.container.name=salt-master --state Running)
  1. Provision the new metalk8s ISO content

  1. Upgrade the cluster