Solution Deployment

To deploy a solution in a MetalK8s cluster, a utility script is provided. This procedure describes how to deploy a solution using this tool, which is located at the root of the MetalK8s archive:



  1. Import a solution in the cluster, and make the container images available through the cluster registry.

    ./ import --archive </path/to/solution.iso>
  2. Activate a solution version.

    ./ activate --name <solution-name> --version <solution-version>

    Only one version of a solution can be active at a time. An active solution version provides cluster-wide resources, such as CRDs, to all other versions of this solution.


  1. Solutions are meant to be deployed in isolated namespaces called environments.

    To create an environment, run:

    ./ create-env --name <environment-name>
  2. Solutions are packaged with an Operator to provide all required domain-specific logic. To deploy a solution operator in an environment, run:

    ./ add-solution --name <environment-name> \
    --solution <solution-name> --version <solution-version>


The solution operator is now deployed. To finalize the deployment and configuration of a solution, refer to its documentation.