Welcome to the MetalK8s documentation!

MetalK8s is an opinionated Kubernetes distribution with a focus on long-term on-prem deployments, launched by Scality to deploy its Zenko solution in customer datacenters.

It is based on the Kubespray project to reliably install a base Kubernetes cluster, including all dependencies (like etcd), using the Ansible provisioning tool. This installation is further augmented with operational tools for monitoring and metering, including Prometheus, Grafana, ElasticSearch and Kibana. Furthermore, an “ingress controller” is deployed by default, based on Nginx. All of these are managed as Helm packages. See Cluster Services for a whole listing.

Unlike hosted Kubernetes solutions, where network-attached storage is available and managed by the provider, we assume no such system to be available in environments where MetalK8s is deployed. As such, we focus on managing node-local storage, and exposing these volumes to containers managed in the cluster. See Storage Architecture for more information.

Getting started

See our Quickstart Guide to deploy a cluster.

Advanced Configuration

Then give a look at Configuring services deployment

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