lib_alert_tree Python library

This Python library serves as a common ground when composing Prometheus alerts into hierarchical trees in a form that can be best consumed by user interfaces and monitoring tools.

It features an optional helper to generate a command-line tool which helps with discovery of an existing tree, and provides an easy command to render a corresponding PrometheusRule manifest.


The library only has a handful of modules:


The main module you will use to build the desired hierarchy of alerts, through the use of ExistingAlert and DerivedAlert.

See the reference.


Holds the data containers used to render accurate Prometheus configuration.

See the reference.


Provides some helpers for listing common existing alerts for some usual K8s objects (e.g. deployment_alerts will list all alerts for a Deployment, given its name and namespace).

See the reference.


Exposes the generate_cli method, which can be used to define a Click entrypoint, with helpful subcommands for interacting with one or more alert trees.

See the reference.