Running a cluster locally



You can spawn a local MetalK8s cluster by running ./ vagrant_up.

This command will start a virtual machine (using VirtualBox) and:

  • mount the build tree

  • import a private SSH key (automatically generated in .vagrant)

  • generate a boostrap configuration

  • execute the bootstrap script to make this machine a bootstrap node

  • provision sparse-file Volumes for Prometheus and Alertmanager to run on this bootstrap node

After executing this command, you have a MetalK8s bootstrap node up and running and you can connect to it by using vagrant ssh bootstrap.

Note that you can extend your cluster by spawning extra nodes (up to 9 are already pre-defined in the provided Vagrantfile) by running vagrant up node1 --provision. This will:

  • spawn a virtual machine for the node 1

  • import the pre-shared SSH key into it

You can then follow the cluster expansion procedure to add the freshly spawned node into your MetalK8s cluster (you can get the node’s IP with vagrant ssh node1 -- sudo ip a show eth1).