Downgrade Guide

Downgrading a MetalK8s cluster is handled via utility scripts which are packaged with your current installation. This section describes a reliable downgrade procedure for MetalK8s including all the components that are included in the stack.

Supported Versions


MetalK8 supports downgrade strictly from one supported minor version to another. For example:

  • Downgrade from 2.1.x to 2.0.x

  • Downgrade from 2.2.x to 2.1.x

Please refer to the release notes for more information.

Downgrade Pre-requisites

Before proceeding with the downgrade procedure, make sure, make sure to complete the pre-requisites listed in ISO Preparation.

You can test if your environment will successfully downgrade with the following command. This will simulate the downgrade procedure and provide an overview of the changes to be carried out in your MetalK8s cluster.

/srv/scality/metalk8s-X.X.X/ --destination-version <destination_version> --dry-run --verbose

Downgrade Steps

Ensure that the downgrade pre-requisites above have been met before you make any step further.

To downgrade a MetalK8s cluster, run the utility script shipped with the current installation providing it with the destination version:


The version prefix metalk8s-X.X.X as used below during a MetalK8s downgrade must be the currently-installed MetalKs8 version.

  • From the Bootstrap node, launch the downgrade.

    /srv/scality/metalk8s-X.X.X/ --destination-version <version>