Accessing cluster services


You will first need the latest kubectl version installed on your host.

To authenticate with the cluster, retrieve the admin kubeconfig on your host:

user@your-host $ scp root@bootstrap:/etc/kubernetes/admin.conf ./admin.conf

Forward the port used by Grafana:

user@your-host $ kubectl -n metalk8s-monitoring port-forward svc/prometheus-operator-grafana 3000:80

Then open your web browser and navigate to http://localhost:3000


MetalK8s uses SaltStack to manage the cluster. The Salt Master runs in a Pod on the Bootstrap node.

The Pod name is salt-master-<bootstrap hostname>, and it contains two containers: salt-master and salt-api.

To interact with the Salt Master with the usual CLIs, open a terminal in the salt-master container (we assume the Bootstrap hostname to be bootstrap):

root@bootstrap $ kubectl exec -it -n kube-system -c salt-master --kubeconfig /etc/kubernetes/admin.conf salt-master-bootstrap bash


  • how to access / use SaltAPI

  • how to get logs from these containers