Running the storage operator locally


  • Go (1.13 or higher) and operator-sdk (0.17 or higher): to build the Kubernetes Operators

  • Mercurial: some Go dependencies are downloaded from Mercurial repositories.


  • You should have a running Metalk8s cluster somewhere

  • You should have installed the dependencies locally with cd storage-operator; go mod download


  1. Copy the /etc/kubernetes/admin.conf from the bootstrap node of your cluster onto your local machine

  2. Delete the already running storage operator, if any, with kubectl --kubeconfig /etc/kubernetes/admin.conf -n kube-system delete deployment storage-operator

  3. Get the address of the Salt API server with kubectl --kubeconfig /etc/kubernetes/admin.conf -n kube-system describe svc salt-master | grep :4507

  4. Run the storage operator with:

cd storage-operator
export KUBECONFIG=<path-to-the-admin.cong-you-copied-locally>
operator-sdk up local