The sosreport tool is installed automatically on all MetalK8s hosts, and embeds some custom plugins. It allows to generate a report from a host, including logs, configurations, containers information, etc. This report can then be consumed by an operator, or shared with Scality support, to investigate problems on a platform.

Generate A Report

To generate a report for a machine, you must have root access.

To include logs and configuration for containerd and MetalK8s components, run:

root@your-machine # sosreport --batch --all-logs \
    -o metalk8s -kmetalk8s.all=True -kmetalk8s.podlogs=True -kmetalk8s.describe=True \
    -o metalk8s_containerd -kmetalk8s_containerd.all=True -kmetalk8s_containerd.logs=True

The name of the generated archive is printed in the console output.

Plugins List

To display the full list of available plugins and their options, run:

sosreport --list-plugins