Buildchain features

Here are some useful doit commands/features, for more information, the official documentation is here.

doit tabcompletion

This generates completion for bash or zsh (to use it with your shell, see the instructions here).

doit list

By default, ./ list only shows the “public” tasks.

If you want to see the subtasks as well, you can use the option --all.

% ./ list --all
images       Pull/Build the container images.
iso          Build the MetalK8s image.
lint         Run the linting tools.
lint:shell   Run shell scripts linting.
lint:yaml    Run YAML linting.

Useful if you only want to run a part of a task (e.g. running the lint tool only on the YAML files).

You can also display the internal (a.k.a. “private” or “hidden”) tasks with the -p (or --private) options.

And if you want to see all the tasks, you can combine both: ./ list --all --private.

doit clean

You can cleanup the build tree with the ./ clean command.

Note that you can have fine-grained cleaning, i.e. cleaning only the result of a single task, instead of trashing the whole build tree: e.g. if you want to delete the container images, you can run ./ clean images.

You can also execute a dry-run to see what would be deleted by a clean command: ./ clean -n images.

doit info

Useful to understand how tasks interact with each others (and for troubleshooting), the info command display the task’s metadata.


% ./ info _build_rpm_packages:calico-cni-plugin/srpm


Build calico-cni-plugin-3.8.2-1.el7.src.rpm

status     : up-to-date

file_dep   :
 - /home/foo/dev/metalk8s/_build/packages/redhat/calico-cni-plugin/SOURCES/calico-ipam-amd64
 - /home/foo/dev/metalk8s/_build/packages/redhat/calico-cni-plugin/SOURCES/v3.8.2.tar.gz
 - /home/foo/dev/metalk8s/packages/redhat/calico-cni-plugin.spec
 - /home/foo/dev/metalk8s/_build/packages/redhat/calico-cni-plugin/SOURCES/calico-amd64

task_dep   :
 - _package_mkdir_rpm_root
 - _build_builder:metalk8s-rpm-builder
 - _build_rpm_packages:calico-cni-plugin/mkdir

targets    :
 - /home/foo/dev/metalk8s/_build/packages/redhat/calico-cni-plugin-3.8.2-1.el7.src.rpm

Wildcard selection

You can use wildcard in task names, which allows you to either:

  • execute all the sub-tasks of a specific task: _build_rpm_packages:calico-cni-plugin/* will execute all the tasks required to build the package.

  • execute a specific sub-task for all the tasks: _build_rpm_packages:*/get_source will retrieve the source files for all the packages.