In order to build MetalK8s we rely and third-party tools, some of them are mandatory, others are optional.


  • Python 3.6 or higher: our buildchain is Python-based

  • docker 17.03 or higher: to build some images locally

  • skopeo, 0.1.19 or higher: to save local and remote images

  • hardlink: to de-duplicate images layers

  • mkisofs: to create the MetalK8s ISO

  • implantisomd5 from the isomd5sum package: to embed an MD5 checksum in the generated ISO, allowing for its integrity to be checked


  • git: to add the Git reference in the build metadata

  • Vagrant, 1.8 or higher: to spawn a local cluster (VirtualBox is currently the only provider supported)

  • VirtualBox: to spawn a local cluster

  • tox: to run the linters


If you want to develop on the buildchain, you can install the development dependencies with pip install -r buildchain/requirements.txt.