In a MetalK8s cluster, the Prometheus service records real-time metrics in a time series database. Prometheus can query a list of data sources called “exporters” at a specific polling frequency, and aggregate this data across the various sources.

Prometheus uses a special language, Prometheus Query Language (PromQL), to write alerting and recording rules.

Snapshot Prometheus Database

To snapshot the database, you must first enable the Prometheus admin API.

To generate a snapshot, use the sosreport utility with the following options:

root@host # sosreport --batch --build -o metalk8s -kmetalk8s.prometheus-snapshot=True

The name of the generated archive is printed on the console output and the Prometheus snapshot can be found under prometheus_snapshot directory.


You must ensure you have sufficient disk space (at least the size of the Prometheus volume) under /var/tmp or change the archive destination with --tmp-dir=<new_dest> option.